Turnkey solutions

The CAF Group is aware that the railway sector moves forward constantly and authorities require efficient transport systems to be competitive in their corresponding cities and regions. Accordingly, CAF develops turnkey solutions that cover more than just the supply of rolling stock for those contracts which include a wider range of activities such as viability studies, civil works, electrification and signalling, maintenance and even the operation of the system.

This way CAF provides the complete and global railway solution needed to help customers simplify costs and efforts, adapting to their particular needs.


CAF guarantees the integration and compatibility of all the sub-systems in its projects, starting with the civil works and construction, followed by electrification, signalling, communications and ticketing, right up to the operation of the rail services. This turnkey, integrated solution reduces the risk of negotiations between different suppliers and provides customers with a unique, overall and timely solution.


Overall solutions for any rail system: from long-distance lines (high-speed, regional and commuter) to urban systems (metro, tram …)

  • Reduction in the cost and risk of the system thanks to the simplification of negotiations between a large number of suppliers and sub-contractors.
  • Compliance with contractual obligations: timely delivery of the system, according to the agreed budget and to the required quality standards.
  • Minimisation of incompatibility issues between critical sub-systems such as signalling and rolling stock.
  • Cutting-edge technology and innovative systems available to customers.
  • Experience in the management of projects and Systems Engineering.

Turnkey Rail Solutions: CASE STUDIES