Laboratory technician investigating some material


In order to guarantee safety and reliability whilst optimising the performance of our products, our after-sales services include technological advice and inspection guidelines using non-destructive tests.

In-service inspection

CAF has trained personnel who are highly experienced in inspecting wheels and axles using Non-destructive Tests (END). This expertise makes it possible to define the most suitable control techniques and procedures, in order to inspect the rolling gear components on all types of vehicles.

We offer customers a turnkey service, and have all the technical and human resources required to guarantee a correct inspection, particularly highlighting:

  • Revision and manufacture by Level III Inspectors according to EN 473 for all the Non-destructive Test procedures for the inspection of wheels, axles and wheel sets.
  • Case by case study to define the scope and intervals for the inspection of the tread elements on the rolling stock.
  • Manufacture of calibration standards suitable for each type of inspection and for each material.
  • Initial and ongoing training of the customer's inspection personnel with regard to the application of procedures.
  • Complete inspection of the rolling gear elements on the customer's premises.

Technological support

As suppliers of a wide range of material for a large number of vehicle manufacturers, we have extensive experience in the analysis of the material in service.

In this respect, our services are divided into the following areas:

  • Engineering services to analyze and improve the performance of the equipment in service. Through the analysis of the wear and / or failure of the rolling stock, improvements are proposed in either the design or the actual equipment itself, in order to lengthen the useful life and improve the safety of the components.
  • In-situ analysis of the vehicle tread material displaying anomalies. The cases are studied in detail, identifying the causes (phenomena related to the vehicle dynamics, problems with the wheel-to-rail contact …) and the necessary means are proposed in order to avoid repeat cases.
  • Technical support service to prevent anomalies in the tread material.