Train passing alongside a tester


The EMC area (Electromagnetic Compatibility) comes within the Technologies Management Team of CAF R&D and its mission is to provide support to the CAF Group in all EMC-related matters. Its activity is divided into two groups: support for engineering projects; and participation in Spanish and European research projects.


Within the engineering projects, the EMC area provides support to the various CAF departments in order to take care of railway electromagnetic compatibility related aspects, throughout the life cycle of the train. Based on the customer's specifications and on the applicable standards and directives, a project-specific EMC Control Plan is established, setting the strategy to be followed in order to guarantee compliance. In this way the following is defined:

  • The requirements to be complied with by external suppliers of equipment and system suppliers.
  • The EMC area participates in the design stage for the equipment wiring and earthing.
  • The process is completed with the on-track validation tests.


The other important activity is the participation of CAF R&D in Spanish and European research projects, as well as participation in expert committees and standardisation groups which enables the CAF Group to gain a good insight into the state of the art.

CAF R&D is currently participating in the 7PM program in the European project TREND directed at defining a generic test site that will make it possible to extend the test results to any infrastructure, whilst also facilitating the interoperability test procedure.

CAF R&D is also present in the group of experts at EMC UNIFE.

Seventh Framework Programme