Detail of a train wheel


The CAF railway dynamics area has extensive experience in designing all types of rail vehicles, from freight wagons to high-speed trains, including trams, metros, locomotives, etc.

CAF conducts aerodynamic studies during the development phase of each project, in order to ensure the correct performance of the vehicles and compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

During the various design phases, CAF makes dynamic calculations using multibody simulation software. These studies are directed at guaranteeing the safe and correct performance of the train with regard to stability, ride quality, derailment safety, comfort, etc.

Likewise, in order to maximise the life of the wheels and minimise the damage caused to the track, CAF conducts studies to optimise the wheel - track interaction.

The calculations are accompanied by the corresponding tests in the validation phase, on a test bench and also on the track.

As part of its objective to achieve technological excellence in different areas, CAF is participating in a number of research projects within the sphere of rail aerodynamics. As a result of the experience acquired, CAF is providing an AENOR representative to the CEN TC256 WG6 aerodynamic standardisation group.