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The CAF Group, through its subsidiary CAF Signalling, offers integrated railway signalling systems.

All its solutions and product families are based on its own developments and are proven and installed on numerous customer lines throughout the world.

CAF Signalling has its own latest generation QUASAR electronic interlocks developed under CENELEC standards, with project references in Spain (ADIF), Bulgaria, Chile, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and numerous other projects currently in the execution phase.

During its progress and development in the railway world, and in accordance with the most demanding interoperability requirements, CAF Signalling has developed the AURIGA solutions for both level 1 and level 2 ERTMS systems, which have been approved by a Notified Body.

Currently, projects with level 1 and level 2 and even mixed level ERTMS are being implemented.

Moreover, the company is developing the NAOS integrated control centres, by which complete railway line operations can be monitored. The NAOS platform integrates its own centralised traffic systems, energy remote control (for catenary and substations), SCADA for station control, detector control and a maintenance help system. It is capable of integrating and managing systems from other manufacturers on a single platform.

On-board Equipment

As regards on-board signalling equipment, the CAF group has developed its own on-board level 1 and level 2 ERTMS equipment, which is being implemented in several projects such as the very high speed OARIS train.

CAF Signalling is a full member of UNISIG.

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