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CAF Power & Automation, a member of the CAF Group, designs and manufactures electric traction equipment for all types of trains; Metros, Commuter trains, Trams, High-Speed trains, etc.

Our modern laboratories are used to investigate new solutions and to test the equipment we design. Our present product range comprises:

  • Traction converters (750 VDC, 1500 VDC, 3000 VDC and 25 kVAC)
  • Control Electronics (easy integration of the traction converter in the train)
  • Control Strategy (optimum development of control algorithms for maximum system efficiency)
  • OESS (On-Board Energy Storage System), sistema de almacenamiento energético embarcado en tren basado en supercondensadores y baterías. Gama de productos eficientes que incluye el sistema ACR (Acumuladores de Carga Rápida) con los que CAF desarrolla sistemas tranviarios energéticamente eficientespara cubrir las necesidades de las ciudades con problemas de circulación

The turnkey supply of the entire traction chain.

CAF Power & Automation