Driver cab interior


CAF Power & Automation, a member of the CAF group, supplies electronic solutions for control and communication systems in the rail sector.

In order to achieve effectiveness, efficiency, comfort and safety, CAF is developing its own ITS systems (Intelligent Transport Systems) based on ICT technology (Information and Communication Technologies)

The solutions developed can be divided into the following sections:

  • Train Control and Monitoring System (TCMS)
  • Recording solutions
  • Integrated Multimedia Platform
  • Connectivity Solutions
  • Energy Saving and Efficiency Solutions

With this extensive range of solutions, the CAF Group is well-positioned in the rail market, with a clear commitment to the integration of its own systems. An integration that is set to provide added value in terms of:

  • HW component optimisation, where the same component can perform different functions in the various proposed systems.
  • The same SW tools for managing the proposed systems.
  • The centralised management of the proposed systems.
  • Unified user-friendly graphical interfaces for the management of the proposed on-board systems.
CAF Power & Automation